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Bobo Strategy - Research and Talks
Bobo Strategy Research & Talks

The Empowered Introvert

ACT-W Seattle 2017

Bobo Strategy Research & Talks

Coffeeshop Data Analytics

Barista Magazine – Oct/Nov 2010

Bobo Strategy Research & Talk

Extracting More Value From Coupons

Coffeefest – Navy Pier, Chicago-2011-02-19

Bobo Strategy Research & Talks

Fantasy Football Analytics

The Cost of a Draft Mistake

Case Studies

Create $1 million of revenue from an investment of $15

Start a bookstore with $15 of capital. Turn it into $1 million of revenue.

Affordable Care Act Automation

Develop custom automation to assist with ACA filings and Employee Data Management.

Restaurant – Growth

Increase profits for a restaurant.

Law Firm – Growth

Through a mix of creative strategies, acquire high-quality, targeted leads at minimum cost.

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