Delivery of Service Options

Bobo Strategy offers two options for acquiring services:

Bobo Strategy - Consulting with Small Businesses

Traditional Consulting Relationship

Working with Bobo Strategy in a traditional consulting relationship means you’ll be working with our breadth of expertise in a traditional fee-for-services relationship.

We’ll talk one-on-one about the vision for your company, identify areas of opportunity, and help set goals and action plans to get there.

Bobo Strategy - A Growth Partner for Small Businesses

Growth Partner Options

Need different options? If you’re looking for a growth-based partnership, we offer performance-based options like:

  • Accepting an equity share of your profits when cutting costs is your focus.
  • Accepting a royalty share of your revenue when increasing revenue is the focus.

In these scenarios, we create a mutually beneficial arrangement where we participate in the growth your business experiences.

Additionally, we are open to opportunities to fully acquire companies that are a good fit for our portfolio.

We work with small businesses globally, across all industries. In fact, 99% of our work is done remotely. We’re never more than a phone call away!