Traditional Consulting Services

Bobo Strategy is the one-stop shop for small business growth. We focus on driving down your costs and increasing your revenue. We do it with a healthy mix of automation and smarter use of your existing resources. Examples of some ways we do this, follow below.

Human Resources

  • Deliver practical and actionable analytics, from a credentialed HR expert and Actuary

  • Deliver consulting from vendor-independent experts on whether outsourcing technology
    is right for you

  • Review your existing HR Documents and Processes, with targeted suggestions for improvements, by an independent expert.

  • Automate paper and pencil HR processes with custom technology

  • Technology

  • Increase effectiveness of your existing tech consultants, through a mix of selection consulting, pricing negotiation, and project management.

  • Consult on whether outsourcing technology is right for you

  • Create custom automation solutions for your processes

  • Marketing

  • Help a real estate agent grow their practice through creative lead-generation and data analytics

  • Save a consulting firm $100/month by identifying specific negative keywords to add to their AdWords campaign

  • Deliver a Google AdWords campaign for an accountant, that creates profitable leads.

  • Create a word search book series, and an accompanying Google AdWords campaign that delivers a positive ROI.

  • Help a dance studio refine it's mail campaign targeting, through a detailed analysis of their historical customer behavior and demographics.

  • Help a law firm identify subtle characteristics their excellent clients have in common, and refine their advertising methods to target them more effectively.

  • Finance

  • Deliver a clear budgeting plan for the mayor of a US City for how to allocate finite budget for a political campaign, as a function of political big data.

  • Solve a discrepency between actual and expected shipping costs, for a large-scale E-Commerce shop.

  • Create a custom point-of-sale system for a jeweler for trade show client and order management - with predictive P&L Analytics built in.

  • Build a financial model for complex employee compensation plans for a consulting firm.

  • Build Monte Carlo pricing and simulation software that balance profitability, with the sufficiently high win frequency for players to ensure game attractiveness.

  • Deliver a patent valuation model to the CEO of a pharmaceutical firm, for use in valueing a patent his firm owns - being targeted for acquisition by big pharma.